We understand our primary participants to be financially underserved with lower levels of income and literacy (literal, technical, and financial), and who are currently not served by formal sector. We have selected 3 primary occupational criteria


Women who typically run the household, but also have or aspire to have their own businesses. There is already existing traditional engagement with housewives via Shariya banking, but we want to continue to delve into more inspirational research with them, focusing on Arisan networks and extreme behaviors.

Informal Workers

Informal workers tend to get paid and transact in cash. Their income may be irregular and in need of support during lean times. They may lack security in their home environment and be at risk of theft.


Farmers are a largely unknown segment who transact in cash today and tend to live in remote areas where there are no bank branches. They also participate in supply chains that may prove an entry into new types of mobile transactions.

Across all research participants, we will look for the following mixes:

Income 3-5 mil rp / month 10%
< 3 mil rp / month 80%
< 3 mil rp / month 10%